Want to be dating for a long time, must read !! 9 habits that help longevity love

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Hello Hello, people All lovers When we are dating someone Of course, would like to go out for a long time You don't want someone to break up. True? Well, before getting this person, it's not that easy. But more difficult than that is Keeping relationships going together Want to know how to love each other for a long time today There is a secret. Let's see.

1. There are activities that match your interests Do it together often.

Don't leave Do not make each other lonely and lonely. We have to find activities to do together often and must be activities that are both interesting as well, such as cooking, playing sports, playing games together, blah blah, which is convenient. This will help strengthen the relationship for the couple very well.

2. Go to bed together
Did you know that the time before bed is a very important time to strengthen the relationship of lovers. Creating happiness by going to bed at the same time is the best thing. It will be the perfect ending to the day.

3. Hugs and kisses both in the morning and before bed
Psychologists say Hugs will create good positive energy. And make it healthy, too, because the clot will secrete the hormone oxytocin. That makes you feel love Feel like being near Feeling confident that person.

4. Trust each other
The most conflicting problems for lovers are often caused by untrustworthy. Untrustworthy will make many couples always shake. Therefore, you must trust each other very much. Not overly jealous Will make a lot of happy love

5. Do not quarrel overnight
Both of them quarrel with each other, angry and not clear before going to bed. Will cause subsequent problems Because the problem is not over yet Will create a feeling of indignation in the heart that will gradually increase in the future. Therefore, no matter what happens to the end, at least let your loved one know that Although there are some things that you do not agree But you still love him

6. Change from sorry to thank you
This is an effective technique for creating positive feelings for one another. Is to thank our lover That can bear us what we did wrong Instead of apologizing It will make him recognize that we feel guilty. At the same time, it also gives him value in it. Try it.

7. Celebrate each other when lovers become successful
Whether it is a small matter or a big deal Let us congratulate those fans of our success. To let him know that we are proud of him And happy to go with him too It will create a very warm time. Ever

8. Pay attention to each other's little things
Always pay attention to each other's small things And keep doing good things Let him delicate, like knowing that lovers are allergic Then managed to put the medicine in his mouth to let him leave the house Do you know that it's so cute? If lovers make each other every day, they will definitely have a long relationship.

9. Humor
Every couple needs to have a relaxing time. Have fun playing as a child so your love isn't too boring or too boring. Always brighten your love always. Make the time together being a time of happiness After experiencing stress all day outside

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