Jealousy, jealous, listen. This way, we have 7 secrets to cure jealousy.

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b Anyone's anyone, anyone's concern, anyone's concern. Whoever cares about caring and loving ... reputed for love. It must come with jealousy. It's normal, right? Oh, how can I not be jealous? It wasn't easy to get this person, huh. I have to overcome my hurdles. It is impossible to let Gibbons come to be persistent, but jealousy is sometimes the source of the decisive problems for many couples. Sometimes we are afraid that he will not be able to endure us someday. Therefore we think it looks better. How to suppress the jealous emotions.

1. Open to him that we are jealous
To be honest, I'm jealous, but I don't want to be this kind of person. Ensure that he definitely understands you. In addition, when he knew He will be more careful not to do anything to worry you again. And life will become much smoother

2. Do not speak sarcastically
When feeling jealous Trying to suppress sarcastic remarks. Then use a straightforward way to say that we don't like him to do that like this, I think a lot. Can reduce a lot of idiots


3. Stop talking about that woman
Some women like to provoke anger by keeping talking about the woman you are always wondering. Until the man could not bear From not thinking anything Will start to think because you have been talking too often

4. Do not harass any woman you suspect
Some people are very jealous and say hello to the woman to ask if it's okay or not. Identifying himself as an overly masculine man These actions are only bad and bad. The male will see that you are nervous. The other woman will become the heroine, being bullied in his eyes.

5. Stop the fuss habit of terminating
Think of the termination Is a sacred word Only say if you really want to quit. If you still use this term as a tool to intimidate, One day he will definitely break up with you.


6. Pride in yourself
Because jealousy often comes from our lack of confidence in ourselves Think that she is more beautiful, sexy, better, afraid that men will like more, stop thinking! Because it is reducing the value in yourself Turn to look at your many advantages. Be confident in yourself. That we are as good as anyone

7. Nothing belongs to us
People who love each other are not things that you come to take into account that they are your property. This matter depends on the mind. It's not the rules that you set up in prison like he's a prisoner Try to let go and not attach to him much. Otherwise, your lover will become even more uncomfortable and want to go astray.

Knew all 7 of these and then try to follow LemonToday I believe that every jealous girl can do it!

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