Bored with a girlfriend. What to do? Read this 14 verses and think again.

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At first things were sweet but when they were dating for a long time It is bitter. Couples who have been dating for a long time often encounter this problem. Have to live together like a smooth, smooth tea Out of excitement and excitement Seeing only boring Today is like being friends rather than being a partner. The reason is that we are very close. Close to seeing no more importance to each other Some couples may want to break up for this reason. Please calm down before composing well. Let's read 14 ideas Will change your mind

1. Someone has a quarrel. Better than no one to quarrel.

2. Someone will call Better than nobody calling.

3. Someone to bother Better than nobody's nearby.

4. Although others are better But this person is alone

5. People are more likely to spend money than money but do not have a chance to use it

6. People are invited to sleep late Better to sleep early alone

7. Some willed Better than nobody pleads with you

8. Not as sweet as the first day But more binding

9. People think differently Better than lonely Thinking alone

10. Somebody vie for the bed Better than having a single pillow

11. There is someone waiting. Better than dragging, walking, walking alone

12. Someone dismantled the past Better than life without care

13. People ask for better time. There is time but nobody.

14. There is love and suffering. Better to have suffering and lack of love

Ask All Couples Maintaining relationships for a long time Do not let the word bore one word to cut this love Because it's not easy to find this person, right ^^

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