10 habits That is already with him, don't do it accidentally !!

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For new couples just getting together for the first time May have the habit of getting stuck from home Then took to make time to be with her inexplicably innocent boyfriend Didn't know that it was an extremely self-harm Go. Young man, he looks and will fly. For lovers, should know Behavior like this Do not just do it !!

1. Eliminate body parts no matter what part
Plucking the hair, churin, nose hair, nose hair, this is a story about hair, do not just show her boyfriend.

2. Cut the toenails and smell
Know that many people like to do it, right! Making a hand hit in front of a girlfriend is not pretty.

3. Pee Jit, don't close the door
Tai already Close the door, girls. Both the smell and the sitting position are very ugly. Don't expect him to accept it. It doesn't work. Believe it. Close the door !!

4. Farting at full strength
The sound is long as the train goes Shocking It's not really okay for new love.

5. Wear sanitary napkins
Going to hide in that secret place. Don't wear it for him to see. Daddy

6. Sit on make-up Hair
Do not make men understand That before you can leave the house Must take the first few layers of makeup to make him think that it is better to be in front of nature

7. Laughing at serious times
This is my point. It's a bad habit to hit your cheeks, you have to be serious with him. Do not make him feel like being with a baby.

8. Place the item as it is. Looking for rotating heads
lose all your image Go in and make a mess. Look for things that are like getting sucked in a dump. Young men do not want to live with values  

9. Eat at bed
Good fortune, must have a little with the lovers at the beginning. The bed is spotless. You won't be able to sit and eat from food on the bed during this period. It looks like you don't keep it clean.

10. Wake up late Let's go out and do errands.
Don't show irresponsibility to him in the first place. The more you encounter a dizzy before you leave your house, the more likely the boys will shake their faces with you.

How is it read? Is used to many things when you are alone, right?  of warning with this hope These things are kept for later. Otherwise, there is hope. He will definitely move your house, haha.

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