6 taboo when an unfaithful boyfriend persists, the more he doesn't return!

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Love so much, it hurts a lot. Regardless of who knows that our girlfriend has secretly been there, everyone is sad too. The word "like" as a knife to sharpen it is not a power. It really hurts. Many girls who can't handle this problem Suddenly solved the problem incorrectly Which makes matters worse To conclude, if you still love and are not ready to lose him, then compose and do not do these things.

1. Do not terminate immediately
Don't let the sudden emotions make you two to end each other too easily. To withdraw and keep an eye on his actions for a while Whether it will be for the better or the same And then decide on this relationship

2. Do not take him to abuse
Many young women, when faced with a problem that they want people to sympathize Want people to pity Want people to come to our side Therefore traveled to revile the guilt of men for everyone to know, doing this only has to lose People around will immediately hate your boyfriend. And might swear to him Make him not even able to see your love for him at all. Hiring him would probably not come back again. This gig, he got the full score.

3. Don't pretend not to know
Some people love so much that they don't want to lose them. Thinking that teasing the blindfold Pretending not to know that there will be no problems Let me say that it is extremely wrong. Because it will make him even more satisfied Going forward, relationships with third parties are becoming stronger. Or he will misunderstand that You're okay with things like this. Although that's not true at all

4. Don't say without evidence
Almost 100% of the respondents will definitely reject it. Therefore, to say something, you must have evidence firmly bound. Would not let him wriggle You don't have to be subjected to being overbeared by the other person over and over again. It will make even more hurt

5. Do not bully third parties
is a very unintelligent way to bully his gigs Regardless of intimidation Mayhem Or begged to stop being busy It all seems silly. Why do you wear the role of an evil lady for yourself? Like this, only men will sympathize with the bullying side Continue down at that woman again Can you see that there are only disadvantages?

6. Don't threaten him.
Whether threatening to blackmale him Or threatening to commit suicide All were foolish things This way, he might come back. But that's not because of love He returned because he was afraid his secrets would be unfold. Or afraid that if you really commit suicide He will feel guilty for a lifetime. This way you will only get him But without heart Whichever way you look, it's useless.

Regardless of what happens Admin asks girls Everyone is conscious. Do not do anything that will adversely affect the friends themselves. Good intentions from LemonToday value

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