30 facts about `` love '' that are read immediately

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There may be many things that we do not know the truth about. "Love" superficially And it's not a complicated word And if interpreted in detail, it should take quite some time But for women You don't have to go looking for anything hard. Because today has already gathered .. Will have anything to see

1. It is true that jealousy occurs on all genders, but in reality, women are more complex than men.

2. 90% of men like beautiful women, shapely and cute, but then lose to women who make themselves and are happy.

3. Only less than 1% like to be with a girlfriend who is extremely jealous. Because living already will feel uncomfortable

4. Every pair that is in relationship will require patience. Just the patience that it will be in any form only.

5. People who allow a third party to be able to intervene Are people who do not respect their own love

6. Heartbroken, never causing anyone to die But weakness is the thing that can make you kill yourself.

7. Love always comes when you don't set yourself up.

8. If we are feeling shy Or not confident when walking beside my girlfriend, indicating that we do not really love him

9. When friends quarrel with their girlfriends Do not try to be strong instead of friends. Because it's time to reconcile, we will become an excess that is not immediately invited.

10. If we are very jealous people Do not choose to have a girlfriend who has a friendly or hospitable personality too.

11. Men really like to look sexy. But that doesn't mean that he always wants to have a boyfriend like that

12. Men who are 100% trustworthy that they are not a womanizer. There are only men lying in the coffin.

13. "What kind of person do you hate? Don't do anything "like hating someone who vies for another boyfriend. Do not go to compete with his girlfriend.

14. Do not be close to men who like to talk about other women or ex-girlfriend to talk about it.

15. Men who love families More attractive than men who love themselves

16. Spectroscopy, men tend to gradually Decreasing with age

17. Do not love men who are both drunk and lazy, because it will make life worse.

18. When lovers hug and kiss each other in public Only the woman will be blamed

19. Sex is not something that will bind couples to be together forever. But it's a love, a relationship

20. Age is just a number for love.

21. No matter how smart or smart you are Can be foolish in matters of love

22. Though knowing that love must suffer But most people choose to love more than being single.

23. Regardless of whether your partner lied to give you comfort You will always be angry.

24. Even though men say that they don't like women makeup But that doesn't mean that he likes your natural face

25. Men like to have a boyfriend, himself shapely. But never explored to see how much body shape

26. Regardless of your country Any continent can love each other. Because love comes from a borderless heart.

27. Men like to flirt with women. Rather than allowing women to flirt

28. The world often hurts us to meet people who are not. Before the right person, always

29. The people we love and the people we love may not always be the same.

30. People become stronger in love. When he was heartbroken

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