5 strategies for trying the male friend Trick that he secretly has a heart for us or not.

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Sometimes you're curious. With a male friend near you today Whether he thinks is unfaithful to you or not Sometimes it seems like yes. Sometimes like not Why is it so difficult to find? Then we have to use a trifle to catch red-handed. Ladies, To deposit Certify that lost doubt

Pretend to fall

walking Then try to pretend to stumble and fall. Oh, loudly. If he hurried to see your symptoms with obvious concern. Shows that he is very supportive of you at all

teased sadly Pretend to be sick

If you normally are cheerful, clear, talkative One day, try to be quiet. Sitting quietly. Don't have to show a lot of symptoms. If he sees your change and comes into urgency Ask Are you okay? shows that he is watching you.

show a lot of fear

like afraid of thunder When you hear the sound, your hand is closed. Scream and tremble with a shout to him if he tries to comfort you. Probably he cares for you very much.

pretend to like other men

Try telling him that you like other guys. Showing madness to that man in front of him If he shows disagreement or touches you Then don't have to investigate if he likes you for sure

Pretend to sleep

is the most basic way to try. Try to pretend to sleep If he likes you He will look at you when you sleep. Keep squinting. Sometimes he will hear you talking about you too. And the person who wakes you up will be him

Let's try it out, girls 5 This method Is a very obvious method of proof if he has the symptoms described Can prepare to move from a friend to be a girlfriend Huaw

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