Know !! 4 signals indicating that .. This person wants to play a blanket ghost with you.

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Today's bed matters may become normal for humans. But good sex should be due to the consent of both parties, right? Many people agreed well. But there are still many People who do not dare to speak directly. But will use indirect methods to lure the other person to death. And if the women want to know in time for the men in this story Say that you have to read this 3 signs. Urgent.

1. Take you to travel to other provinces. Face to face

If you and him are just in the beginning Who are getting to know each other only But instead he invites him to go out of town together privately By simply claiming to be traveling together Or like going in the morning and evening but when actually taken Will find inciting you to spend the night in the same room What you have to be careful not to be shaken by his words.

2. Invited to dinner at the room

If he asks you to come to dinner at just two people in the room Then you can assume that He may want to play blanket ghosts with you. Then two people together in a small room And so close together It is definitely not just for dinner. And you shouldn't drink until you are drunk and unconscious

3. Request to go to the bathroom at your condo

If suddenly on the way home to the person who came to send you He suddenly wanted to go to the bathroom, as he has to go to your room. It may indicate that he is beginning to want to be closer to you more privately.

4. When drinking together He will black you out

He will invite you to travel. And will try to force you to stay alone That means that he wants you to get drunk. Which this young lady Must be very careful When traveling with him, we should always be aware of ourselves. In order to be a self-defense first

It's over, with 4 signs that indicate that This guy wants to play a blanket ghost with you .. For young women who are not ready, they should be careful themselves.

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