Give out a simple dowry formula How much dowry are you suitable for? Let's see !!

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Hello, ladies Everyone, anyone, who wants to get married, raise your hand! Han, almost everyone. Oh, it's a girl's dream. Many people? That friends Do you know That you are good for dowry Can you think of it for fun? simple dowry formula at today Can guarantee beautiful numbers The price is right to call the groom, of course. Let's do the calculation!


dowry formula

( 2.2205 x your average monthly income with your lover) + ( 8,986.92 x Your average age with your lover)

You can add and subtract According to the quality of life as follows

+ 174,818.6
If the woman is Bangkok Due to the fact that Bangkok's femininity leads to increased dowry charges.

- 454,350.5
If any one graduate no more than secondary school / vocational certificate

+ 227,064.1
If either party gets married first in family

- 134,160.8
If one party has a burden to look after their family

If either party is a senior executive

Finally, you will get a dowry value.

for example

average couple earns 20,000 baht / month average age 30 years Both are Bangkokians. graduated with a bachelor's degree. And married as the first person in the family The couple have no obligation to support their own family. And does not have a senior management position.

The dowry balance will be at

(2.2205 x 20000) + [/color"b;(color=#ff6699)(8986.92 x 30)[/b] + [/color((b)(color=#ff6666)(174818.6)(/color)(/)(colorcolor=#993333] + (227064.1) = 715,590.3 baht

This formula is derived from Khun Phasu's dissertation on "How much should I get married or should I pay a dowry?". Let's use it to calculate it for both houses. As for those who are still single are calculated Will know how much dowage I should have. And then continue thinking of my girlfriend. Hehe.

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