Quick update !! 6 worst male sex behaviors for men That women are bored and will say no !!

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about sex is a sensitive story for women. If men can't make girls Impressive in your sex. Missing the opportunity for the next time, also affecting her negative feelings as well. There are many men who like to do bad behavior. On the bed unconsciously today So come out to warn a little about men. If you don't want to be reputed Sex suck Don't do these behaviors

1. Not selecting the right location

Can I feel the feeling? Can you check if it is hot here? The bed is dirty. The garbage is full. It affects my fineness.

2. Easily Do not clean the body

Go take a shower and wash the dirt first Body odor is not as sexy as you think!

3. Enter now Won't give up so first

Men who don't give time to console Considered to be something that is very miss. For you girls Regarded as an indispensable thing If you want to do an intensive activity Then scrubbing the gun in the bathroom over there Invited

4. Too much oversight

Hmmm The director is very good. She has to do that. Must do this Do this for me. Slowly, quickly, very well, huh !! Give honor Am I a slave to you?

5. Don't listen to girls' needs

Tell something, never listen Surrender Hit the numb, do what you want to do, like nothing happens. Tell me. This is stronger. Tell enough. This thing continues. You think you will listen to me.

6. Centralized Orgasm

Ah, confused. Once I sweat, I think of separating. Do you hurt me a bit? Sometimes let women inconvenience Did not continue to finish Only being comfortable What women want is to hug her tightly, like the preservation, kiss a little to the end and ask if you like it. Blake the value

know 6 Bad behavior and should improve quickly. Because these things indicate that you do not care about them at all. If you don't want the woman to beat Take care of her needs

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