Ask like this, be careful !! 4 questions that men should not ask women to meet new people.

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Wow! The honesty of this guy. Like causing Che to worry about everywhere When meeting women who want to flirt Would like to invite them to talk by asking questions But then I asked something that doesn't make sense today. Can't stand it Must ask to speak a bit to 4 Questions that men should not ask women to meet new people. Remember if you don't want to eat frustration back Let's see what questions are there.

1. I am your brother, right?

Hmmm Hurt to reach the breast Meaning that you have to look at me as being very old, right? So asking something like this Regardless of whether I am the same age or older than you I always want you to see me as a child for you. This is what we first met. Stay on Brozone!

2. Are you female or female?

Scream Want to scream for the world to shake You dare to ask a real lady How can I be like this ?! Do I look like a hermaphrodite? My body is fragile. My face is so sweet. Come to see that I am a transgender woman in your house. Mom will take your womb to slap your face. Angry!

3. How many fans have ever been

Oh ... Calm down, boy? Here, we just met ourselves. Come to ask my deep history, look so bad manners I will explain to you that if you are a girl who has never had a girlfriend before, you will feel how hey. I look like a lot of men? If it is a woman who has ever had a boyfriend, then it will not be comfortable to answer. To be honest, in total, you are already 20, like this. Can I get it? I am so uncomfortable at first sight. I will say no to you today!

4. Are you still Virgin?

Whew What? Father? How dare you come to ask questions like this when you first knew each other. I don't know. You look like a man who doesn't respect women. The Virgin girl is ashamed to speak. The girl who used to be shy to answer There is no way that is good for this question. While also showing a bad attitude Yours again Meaning that you still attach importance to virgins Which is indirectly oppressive, you know? Conclude that there are no good women Where would you like this question? Remember !!

[color=#993333] Here. Knowing this, young men Keep quiet Speaking out only to die and die. Warning! (And what mood should I put in this number? Really scared myself)> <[/ color]

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