5 Characteristics of women Men often leave, there are others !!

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Ever wondered? Why do some women have many girlfriends and would like to quit and never date anyone for a long time? To the point where I was just wrong How bad am i Sometimes she never cheated on her boyfriend. It doesn't mean that she doesn't have any mistakes since there are 5. Women's That a man can not endure living with her for a long time must be farewell to a new boyfriend. Let's see That there are some habits

1. irony

Very sarcastic Whether ironically, ironically, they Or irony To ask attention Is something very boring Let's go.

2. Like to teach

Know everything in this world Like to think that he is smarter than his girlfriend All the fans are shaking their faces. Came to interrupt the life of my girlfriend that I must do this, to be good Until men think in their minds that If being so good Alone already

3. Criticism

Slashing others is her specialty Especially criticizing his fans that he's not that good, that's bad like this Do not like you a lot Which is very boring for men

4. Power Authority Mastermind

Trying to control all your fans, posing to them, setting up many rules Whatever you do, it must be approved by you first. Don't be over there, don't be a girlfriend. Control like a girlfriend is a prisoner Can't wiggle at all This is uncomfortable.

5. A lot of things

Not a lot, not a power, not you over there. No, this is not. Don't learn to be as comfortable as anyone else. Like to keep small to think Everything must be exact, not exact. We have this habit. Men definitely run away.

How are you doing? If knowing this, then reduce and stop these habits. Will find true love once with him

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