Tactic people must like this !! 7 ways to 'jealous boyfriend' 'that smart women do

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People being in a relationship will feel jealous with each other, not uncommon. But sometimes jealousy causes somebody to break up Maybe because it's so jealous Or without reason jealous Therefore, today has collected good tricks With tact in jealous of the fans to friends to use. Certified that true jealous girlfriend But jealous like smart women ..

1. Conscious jealous
Meaning that you don't let your emotions go beyond your real reason Even if you can hear something, do not get in the ear, or know something bad To compose first And you will fix various matters Easier and better In other words, it won't make the situation worse.

2. Reflective jealous
Is that you must first review all the issues that Are we in a position to be jealous of him? If "no" then avoid jealousy or make the mood lighter. But if "can" you have to ponder further that The reason he made you jealous What is it caused Caused by yourself or not that is boring to make him behave like that.

3. Jealous
Understand that sometimes people just make new acquaintances It will be very jealous. But you also have to know yourself worthwhile Before breaking up because he saw that you are too stupid, so you can be jealous but only as a ceremony Look at the foot of the mountain to see if the crafty, flirtatious or not. If yes, then hurry up and come out quickly.

4. Cute jealous
Do not use the tantrum of being jealous of your girlfriend. But know how to compromise very much. Or if you want to let him know that he is jealous, just speak softly with a small voice saying, "He is jealous." This is just cute.

5. Jealous of symptoms
Especially in the place where there are a lot of people, such as in public places or in the area where there is a group of his friends You should not show that you are extremely jealous or very dissatisfied. But should keep that symptom And come back to talk only when two people are better Because of these problems Other people don't want to know too

6. Know the beat
Smart women, they know when to be jealous. And when shouldn't be jealous, for example when the girlfriend looks in a good mood Would secretly say a little bit of jealousy But if at any time he looks serious, serious, and even more you say without trusting him It will make the situation worse.

7. Jealous fit
Is not repeatedly jealous Jealous Paranoid him all This will make your boyfriend feel uncomfortable and not very happy, so should only be jealous as necessary. And being jealous of knowing the boundary as well is very good

How are you? Read how to be jealous of a girlfriend Like smart women, they did it. Try to adapt to your partner Next, your girlfriend will not feel that you are jealous like an idiot anymore.

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