4 ways to reject people from flirting Not to harass us Once finished !!

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Reputed love Absolutely nothing Because sometimes the people we like him very much He doesn't like us anymore. And some people that they secretly love us totally But we didn't even feel anything with him In this situation, sometimes it may lead to violence followed. As we often see in the news To reject love but make him resent us back ..

Today has adopted the method of rejecting people completely. Until he didn't want to bully us anymore

1. Don't make him think far.

This is something you have to do because it is very important. If you show that you feel good about him Or still have intimate conversations comfortably It will allow him to take these things and think that you have a heart. Therefore, do not do things that make him think far, such as smiling, making eye contact, or even a normal greeting.

2. Must clear everything

You have to make everything clear, such as clear status that you and they are just acquaintances. Which must be known to keep a good distance Because the people who come in to flirt with you Rather sensitive to feelings, regardless of what you do Think that you have a heart for him

3. Avoid seeing the page

Maybe you will find him to be a stupid guy. That can do everything for you to be weak And another thing, he will try to find your face Which you have to be witty to avoid meeting with him or if he likes to buy things for Then refused to accept it, do not be considerate

4. Not interested in his actions

Another thing that can be denied to the people who flirt well. Is to ignore him and slowly pull himself away from him Or disappeared from his life at all Otherwise, if you still do the same It will make him think that you have a heart.

These are just a few steps later. To reject people who come in to flirt only But if you find that he is quite violent or untrustworthy You can have a friend to help near us or if you have to report it, then you have to do. For your own safety

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