5 characteristics of men who are hoping to get rid of us !!

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To choose someone to be a girlfriend, girls must choose and screen the person well. Because in this day and age, people are good at lying and deceiving Observing the outside can not make us know the deep personality of that person. But if the girls meet the men who have the characteristics of 5 items LemonToday Deposited in this article .. Can say that far away is far away Because he just wants to come and shed you

1. At work But there is no work to do as a primary source

If he is aged during working age But didn't really have a job, which didn't have any income Or he himself does not try to find income for himself Then shows that this man is no longer a fellowship Think about where they will spend money. And can you leave your life with a guy who doesn't find a job like this?

2. Will often complain and be serious about money with you.

Some people will come out like that ... During this period, income is not good, customers pay premiums. Or all kinds of excuses that he shows to you that you are serious about money He will do this often. If someone is a little impatient, they will immediately be his victim.

3. Always ask for help with your money

Continuing from number 2 is when he knows that you are a soft-hearted, kind and easy to allow him. He will find many problems to claim for you to trust. And finally ask for your help And you will find that these problems are all about money.

4. The relationship does not progress. Only interested in bed matters

Another thing that can confirm that this man will not be honest with you. Meaning that he will not try to learn you or build up a relationship But only interested in bed matters If you meet a man like this, then you must hurry to escape away from him quickly.

5. You feel that he is not fair about spending money

Like going to eat together but letting you pay only And often claim to forget to press Or forget the wallet often Or said that the loan was paid first But didn't return it once

which if girls Find out if the man you are dating has these behaviors. It is possible that they are in the hope of only shedding or dating you for certain benefits. I didn't think I was serious.[/color]

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