5 chock events !! That makes women decide to stay single on golden beams

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Many women who decide to be alone Without wanting to date someone as a boyfriend May be because you are hurt in certain situations. Until the heart does not want to love anyone anymore, and 5 events that bring to tell everyone to read today Would be a measure and a medium to represent their feelings well. Why it is better to choose to be alone

1. Being cheated on my girlfriend

Because I love you so much. And causing you to lose faith and love That's because the size of the most trustworthy person is brave enough to cheat. Therefore, many women make decisions and choose their own way of life. By walking forward strong alone

2. Being battled by a friend

This event can be said to be something unexpected. Because the two people who loved and trusted dared to betray them Which aside from causing long regrets The impact also affected their hearts. Therefore, the decision to stay single is probably not wrong. And probably the only solution that will help them recover their heart

3. Heartbroken forever

Another reason why many women give up on love destiny. And turned to love myself to be single on that golden beam Because you are always being loved with all your heart But finally getting dumped into becoming heartbroken often Until they learned and thought that Being alone is probably something that Heaven has given me.

4. Being attacked by a boyfriend

If anyone encounters this event Then can say that it would be uncomfortable with love for a long time And may not be able to easily love or trust anyone anymore, because physical abuse can convey violence in the subconscious minds of people Which has a bad impact Terrify them with love. So if you choose to be alone, it's not strange. And considered it a way for them to protect themselves too

5. Family deprived

Because some women are in this situation He cannot choose or define his own life. Even love is excluded Therefore made them like to be quiet Do not dare to interfere with the opposite sex because of fear of falling in love And in the end they couldn't love each other Therefore made you decide to be alone Despite the fact that it may not be wanted

For anyone who has read this article Please understand the feelings of these women as well. About how they all experienced psychological abuses So don't stop making fun of mocking and asking questions about why they decided to be single.

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