Flirting doesn't look hard !! 5 ways to observe multiple men Do not expect anyone to materialize

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If you really want to date someone One thing that should never be overlooked at all is the flirting of him. And especially men Which is the sex that is famous for the eel called elder How to observe the flirtatious woman to have the girl use it to protect his own heart. What kind of characteristics would he have? Let's go see it ..

1. Gullible, perverse, gimmicky, a lot

Just seeing a good-looking person walk past a flirtatious man makes big eyes already because he is gullible. From then, will use the perverse habit to buy girls. By asking for LINE to ask for the number, which you can easily notice that this type of person will have a lot of features Or the crafty style

2. Too friendly

Having good-natured behavior is not uncommon. But if being a flirtatious man People like this, they are very friendly. Can be easily hit with anyone Especially the opposite sex and people he is interested with If you find that people of this nature are flirting with So it is better to hurry away

3. Hang out often

Which the place that he often goes out to socialize often Is the gathering place of beautiful girls And went so often that it was the second home Sometimes he goes alone too, without carrying other male friends. So you can easily catch these men

4. Like to declare myself single

The type of people who come to ask to know him, he never denied. Or meet someone with a touch, will immediately announce to the world that you are single Which this type of man can say is definitely Chu And not hoping to date anyone as well

5. I like it.

See who is in good shape Looks ok Flirting men will start to care immediately. And if wanting to flirt, he will go directly Without having to think "like" that normally men He must have observed before watching this woman's behavior, how to have a girlfriend or not.

Okay .. When the girls knew how to observe the flirtatious men To be used to protect your own heart Do not let men of this type near you absolutely. Because aside from having to sit and regret when you know that you have been deceived May become the third party of others without knowing it.

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