Boys know! Women lose by 5 men like this !!

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Who says that men will flirt with girls only have to be handsome rich Not always necessary Because he still has a personality that is not about casting rich again 5 that girls can say that losing The most extreme Today so tell the boys or girls, you can confirm again. Is it true?

1. Romantic men

if selecting Between handsome but cold With not handsome but warm Rgaitag a lady chooses the latter. The girls like men who come to make her feel very warm, romantic. Knowing what she likes, then go to recruit Always take care of the first care. Certifying the girl who fell in love for sure

2. confident men

Be confident in yourself Has won more than half But do not trust your face until becoming narcissistic The mood that you have eyes, focus, energetic, always with a confident smile, you girls will feel that you can leave your life with this man.

3. Smart men

Not handsome, not rich but intelligent, everything goes well. Girls are always happy with men who are good heads, good learners, are witty, excellent memory, often think quickly. And created until we are always amazed

4. Funny guy

graders, handsome, inferior, men To you have nothing But the joke That will be the settler for you. If you can make her smile and laugh every day, it's not hard to win her heart.

5. Male artist

The male emotional artist is one of the most liked of girls. That will attract girls to pay attention to you if you are a person who is passionate about art Please show your creativity fully. Because this is your best charm.

How are you? Can you see that it's not like pretending to be handsome, rich, excellent like everyone? Think together Can't believe you can go to walk on the streets that the girls are not holding a model from the magazine. If you only have one of these 5 personalities, then there is a chance to flirt with each other.

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