10 simple things for men but for women to make their heart beat faster !!

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Many women may have felt a heart pounding in the stomach when getting close to the person that we like. And when he does something for us, it seems that his self will disappear instantly. Even though it was just his ordinary actions Or it will be like everyone said when being with the person we fall in love with The heart is not with the flesh and the body.

Today has compiled many common male behaviors, but it can make girls The heart beats fast everywhere !!

1. Walk hand in hand
That's what men generally like to do when traveling together. But for that woman When being held by a hand, even for a short period of time But it causes the heart to beat extremely fast

2. Give a massage
Because it can show love Man's deep concern What woman was made like this? Is there something that the heart won't dance with?

3. Said to take to meet the family
This is considered a big enough issue for many women, aside from being excited that he will take to see the family. Still have to prepare for the big set

4. Taking to the wedding
It means that he wants to launch to a group of friends that we are fans. Probably have to do a lot of beauty at this event. His heart was pounding ever since he spoke.

5. Comfort time
The time when women feel weak and want to be encouraged. And there was a man who comforted him In addition to quickly improving symptoms Sad heart Also swelled up too

6. When protected
Well, women are slightly weak in sex. And when a man loves to protect it, no matter how big or small Just chase the cursed insects. The heart beat more strongly than the cursed insects on the island.

7. Picking your hand
Especially when men say that pick up things in the pants pocket Our hands are stained. It can be said that by hearing this sentence, the heart almost penetrates out of the body.

8. Leave room-house keys
Although it is just a very common thing for men, for women it is their trust to the point that they dare to leave the house. How would you not think too far from your heart?

9. Fragrant cheeks
Whoever is in heart will be swelled by the men for the cheeks Especially those we secretly flattered or fell in love with The whole world's head stopped spinning for a moment.

10. Watch how cute
I don't know if he was honest or joking. But just hearing a short sentence That is considered cute Make the girls' hearts Can dance hard everywhere

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