Before dating a partner from the same workplace, weigh the benefits. Disadvantages according to this look!

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Having a girlfriend in the working age is quite different from having a girlfriend in school when it comes to growing up thoughts. Matters of a stable future and those who are ready to understand with us Many people have girlfriends from the same workplace or working in the same field. But let's try weighing the pros The disadvantage of having a girlfriend like this before watching serious relationships.


1. Help us when there is a problem at work. With the same line of work, they may have had experience or experience in this area before. Having the same line of people sharing Sharing knowledge and solutions to the problem at the point is considered very good for our work.

2. can understand us more than you think Having lovers who work in the same field tend to be more understanding. Due to certain situations, different people have experienced Making the other person feel comfortable talking about things without aggravating and ignoring one another, resulting in not having a quarrel with

3. Have a more perspective on work In addition to discussing various problems, there is also a matter of sharing the work attitude. Trends in working directions How does each party view their work? Regarded as an exchange and helping to widen our concept


1. There may be arguments in the workplace. With knowledge of the same field can cause conflicts with each other. Some things that we know, but the other person knows more than it may be a conversation. Or blame about the small things in the work system, which makes it an argument. Makes him even more tired

2. Get to see the view from one side Although there is a wider field of view But there is no point of view of other fields at all. Looking for knowledge about new fields, it can be extended to work as well. But can share it with friends or acquaintances a little

3. May be competitors Is the most embarrassment If lovers work in the same field But different companies, and that company is a competitor to ours as well Here it is more difficult to talk about system problems. The higher the competition, the more awkward each other. But this kind of story is not very often seen

Having a girlfriend who works in the same field has both advantages and disadvantages. But if actually dating, then would like to try weighing, see if can accept the disadvantages here or not If having a good conversation, it will definitely make a long relationship.

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